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1) Take out your phone.

2) Record a little video. Anybody can be in it, even just a selfie!

3) Email the video to:​​

Every night we'll post short videos of people supporting our quest for a KIF1A mouse. Doesn't matter where you are or who you're with - pull out your phone and shoot a quick video telling the world that we need a mouse. Tweet it and tag us @KIF1A, post it on our Facebook page or email your mouse video to 

​​​The first step toward curing KIF1A is developing a mouse model for scientists, researchers and doctors to work with.

JAX Laboratory is where our hero mouse will be born. This superhero mouse will pioneer a treatment for KIF1A Kids, we thank him. Join our campaign to tell the world #WeNeedAMouse.

Our friends at Jackson Lab are some of the most supportive people in the world. These scientists care about our families and our KIF1A children. They also tell inspiring stories of how their work saves the lives of other kids with rare diseases. Why do we really need a mouse? Well, lets let the relentless scientists at JAX tell you.​​

Why We Need A Mouse