The KIF1A Research Network is a collaborative network of researchers, clinicians, industry leaders and innovators from around the world working to accelerate treatment for this generation of patients affected by KIF1A Associated Neurological Disorder (KAND). Led by KIF1A.ORG and centered in our mission to improve the lives of KAND patients and families, the KIF1A Research Network works in collaboration to fill gaps in knowledge and pursue multiple therapeutic strategies for KAND.

With this neurodegenerative disorder, every day matters. We have no time to waste working alone or in sequential order. By joining forces with KIF1A.ORG, the KIF1A Research Network is doing more—faster—to bring life-changing and life-saving treatments to KAND patients.

Over 50 institutions from around the world have joined the KIF1A Research Network. If your institution or company wants to collaborate with a relentless, science-driven community of families, researchers, clinicians and innovators, we want to hear from you. Contact KIF1A.ORG’s Chief Science Director, Dr. Dylan Verden, to join our mission and learn how KIF1A.ORG de-risks and supports therapeutic development for KAND.

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