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KIF1A.ORG is a global community which exists to support and educate families affected by KIF1A Associated Neurological Disorder (KAND). Together we are strong, and together we drive research to discover treatments and cures. We foster disease education, advocacy, inclusion, support, hope, and unity! You are now part of a community which will never, ever give up. Just by being here you are doing everything right. Welcome to KIF1A.ORG.

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OPTIONAL: KIF1A.ORG Family Directory and Variant List
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What information is being shared? Information in the KIF1A family directory will include the names of KIF1A patients and/or parents, city/state/country and KIF1A variant.

How will this information be used? This information will allow KIF1A family members to identify one another in our support group. Email addresses and phone numbers of family members in the directory will be made available to other families upon request by emailing As a community group, we seek to connect families with the same KIF1A mutation, or living in similar areas, to provide mutual support.

How will this information be made available? This directory will be available in a password-protected format and/or forum that requires a registration/login to help keep this information limited to the KIF1A family community. However, we cannot guarantee that information will not be shared with people outside of the KIF1A community by people who have access to the directory.

How can I remove this information? If you want us to remove your information from our sharing efforts (e.g. the KIF1A family directory), send your request via email to Please note that any data already shared cannot be destroyed or recalled, but we will remove your information from the current record.

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