Celebrate with us~

On this special day, let us recognize and celebrate our KAND patients and their families, whose courage and perseverance shine brightly as a beacon of great hope for a healthier and brighter future for all KAND patients around the world.

We also want to celebrate the incredible progress we’ve made toward KAND support and treatment in the last year:

  • Over 60 families participated in the KOALA study, establishing a baseline to assess drugs in clinical trials.
  • Susannah Rosen has been undergoing the first ever KAND-specific antisense oligonucleotide (ASO) treatment with n-Lorem.
  • Our partners at the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute launched the first KAND speech study, with almost 40 participants so far.
  • Feedback from our community has driven Research Network projects to investigate understudied KAND symptoms like vision loss.
  • Our Therapeutic Accelerator Program with NeuCyte has established seizure models in patient-derived cells, paving the way for drug screening.

Celebrate with us!

Watch a dance video of our KAND superheroes and listen to their favorite songs on our Spotify playlist!

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Phase 1 of our Treatment Accelerator Program (TAP) is complete and we are moving onto drug screening in Phase 2.

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