Celebrate KIF1A Day by watching our DANCE VIDEO and LISTEN to our patients’ FAVORITE SONGS!

Music and dancing are a celebration of life, love, and connection. With every beat and every step, we tell a story expressing the depth of our emotions without uttering a word…. and when we dance to celebrate those we love, every twirl, sway, and leap becomes a testament to the bond we share.

It’s a way to honor the laughter shared, the tears shed, and the memories created with our KAND superheroes. Whether it’s a slow, tender lullaby or a lively, energetic beat, each movement speaks volumes, echoing the rhythm of our hearts as we rejoice in the presence of our loved ones.

So let’s embrace the music, let our spirits soar, and dance with abandon to celebrate the cherished souls who light up our lives with their presence.

Listen to our patients’ favorite songs on Spotify!~