We’re proud to see our community represent KIF1A.ORG with t-shirts, wristbands, tote bags, notebooks, decals, flyers and more.


If you want to snag some KIF1A gear, check out our store on Bonfire. Here you can purchase KIF1A.ORG-branded shirts throughout the year, and special designs that are available during short-term campaigns.

Bonfire does ship internationally. Check here for shipping rates. If you’d like to print locally for convenience or to save on shipping costs, download the KIF1A.ORG logo (see below) or we’ll email you any design files you see at our Bonfire store. Contact us here.


If you want to print the KIF1A.ORG logo on t-shirts, tote bags, flyers, etc., you can download the files below. We’re happy to provide the logo if you follow a few guidelines:

  1. Usage: Place the logo on awareness or fundraising materials, but use the logo only for fundraisers that donate 100% of the proceeds to KIF1A.ORG. To keep the mission and responsibility of KIF1A.ORG clear to donors, do not incorporate the logo with fundraisers for personal medical expenses and other financial needs.
  2. Size & Shape: You can make the logo large or small, but don’t stretch or distort the logo proportions.
  3. Color: Use the logo in full color, white or black. If you need an alternative, let us know.
  4. Space: The logo should be visible and legible. Keep enough clear space around the logo to let it stand out.
  5. Questions? Ask!: If you have any questions, we’re happy to help! Send us an email to impact@kif1a.org.


We encourage you to do your own shopping to find a vendor that meets your needs. We’ve had good experiences with https://www.4imprint.com/ and https://24hourwristbands.com/. Check with your local vendors too.


Our two primary colors are KIF1A Blue (#064bcb) and KIF1A Red (#ff2700). Find the full palette and color codes here.


Download KIF1A.ORG logos in .png, .pdf, .ai and .eps formats. If you need other options, contact us.