KIF1A Associated Neurological Disorder is a complex genetic condition with a range of mutations leading to a diverse spectrum of symptoms and severity. Thanks to patients and families who participate in KAND research with the medical and scientific community, we have significantly strengthened medical and research knowledge of KAND and how therapeutic strategies will bring life-changing and life-saving treatments KAND patients and families.

As a patient or family member, YOU are a vital piece of the KAND puzzle. We can’t do it without you. By participating in research, your family will accelerate therapeutic development for not only yourselves, but also the entire KAND family community. No matter how long you’ve been diagnosed, what language you speak, or where you live, we need you to help solve the KAND puzzle and create better lives for KAND patients and the people we love.

There are multiple opportunities for you to play a central role in KAND research. If you have any questions or need support, please email

An Important Consideration