Every superhero needs a sidekick. Someone who will fight by their side and give them a boost of encouragement when they need it the most. Someone who is reliable and committed to achieving the mission. Someone who believes that if we join forces, we’ll be unstoppable.

You see, our superheroes are up against a ruthless villain. KIF1A Associated Neurological Disorder robs our superheroes of their ability to walk, talk, see—sometimes even eat or breathe. But we have hope because of people like YOU. Life-changing and life-saving treatments are within reach, but we can’t accomplish our mission alone.

Do you believe in creating a brighter future for our superheroes? Join KIF1A.ORG’s League of Sidekicks by becoming a monthly donor.

Sidekick Recognition Wall

On behalf of the entire KIF1A community, thank you for continuing to support KIF1A.ORG’s mission through recurring donations. Your commitment offers hope for a brighter future for those affected by KIF1A Associated Neurological Disorder.

Adela Olalla

Alex Rosmus

Amanda Burritt & Jamie Shingleton

Ashley & Brian Malachowski

Becca Behnsch

Betsy MacMichael & Tom Desmond

Conchi Cano

Crissy Williams

David Collins

Elizabeth Salick


Jim and Joanne Ryan

Josefin Anselmsson

Juan Manuel Corral

Juanma Corral

Julia Corral

Kathryn & Tyler Atchley

Kristine Northup

Mandee Fraser

Matt & Charlotte Klinepeter

Nicolas & Eufratia

Sally Jackson & Luke Rosen

Stephanie Fischer

Team Genís

Team Peter R

Henry Thomas

Mark & Krista Rosen

Gerald Rosen

& 21 other anonymous monthly donors