KIF1A.ORG Community, 

KIF1A.ORG is excited to share a series of announcements about recently funded projects powered to rapidly discover and develop treatments for people affected by KAND.

First up: The McKenney Lab at University of California, Davis. Led by Richard McKenney, PhD, the McKenney Lab has long collaborated with KIF1A.ORG, and leads the field in kinesin investigation through state-of-the-art biochemical and biophysical methods to study KIF1A mutations, protein and how dysfunction in KIF1A causes human disease. You can read about the McKenney Lab’s recent work in our September 26, 2020, edition of Science Saturday or our Research Simplified summary of their extensive KIF1A research published in 2019.

The McKenney Lab characterizes under-researched KIF1A mutations to identify how mutations impact KIF1A gene function. Simply put, this research helps us understand how mutated KIF1A genes are “broken.” More importantly, the McKenney Lab takes these findings to hypothesize therapeutic approaches for KAND mutations, and shares those approaches with others in the scientific community working to discover and develop treatment for KAND.

Read more about this and other projects on our Funded Projects page and stay tuned to the KIF1A.ORG blog for more information about each of these urgent initiatives to accelerate our path to treatment. 

One more thing: we would not be close to bringing treatment to people affected by KAND without our community of patients, families, scientists, clinicians and people like you. Thank you for believing in and powering our mission. Make a donation today and impact vital research as we drive closer to treatment every single day.

Kathryn Atchley
President, KIF1A.ORG


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