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FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) — A little superhero got some big recognition.

The Corcoran Police Department stepped up to celebrate a brave boy battling a rare disease.

Meet two-year-old Beau.

He’s a fun, energetic boy who is an inspiration to everyone around him.

Beau is living with KIF1A, a neurological disorder that impacts only about 400 people across the world.

Beau attends three to four therapy appointments a week and is constantly doing his best in all those activities.

Thursday is National KIF1A Day and the Corcoran Police Department, where Beau’s dad works, decided to give the boy a big shout-out from a galaxy far, far away.

Several videos and tributes were put together by Corcoran police.

Beau’s mom says her son’s resilient attitude is an inspiration and he’s never let his situation slow him down.

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Original Air Date April 29, 2022

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