KIF1A.ORG hosts a monthly Research Roundtable to bring together researchers, clinicians and innovators from our Research Network to exchange ideas and accelerate the path to treatment for KAND. Questions? Email us at for more information.

Meeting Goals & Guidelines

KIF1A Associated Neurological Disorder has no treatment or cure. Yet. At Research Roundtable meetings, the ultimate goal is to support research discoveries for actionable therapeutic progress.

Science is better together. Research Roundtable meetings are designed to facilitate collaborative interaction and share research strategies.

Diversity of views and approaches fuels robust scientific innovation. Research Roundtable meetings are an inclusive space where we value each other’s varying perspectives, ideas, and backgrounds.

Sharing information is a catalyst of progress. Data sharing is not mandatory but is welcomed and encouraged.

This is a closed-door conversation. All information shared within this meeting is considered confidential unless otherwise specified.

Our community is inspired by and thankful for your work. After each Research Roundtable meeting, KIF1A.ORG provides surface-level, lay research updates to the KAND community.

Community Summaries