A KIF1A diagnosis can be scary, stressful and confusing. You’ve likely entered a whole new world of medical jargon and uncertainty. Complex scientific explanations about KIF1A rarely help families living with this diagnosis. We’re here to help.

KIF1A.ORG teamed up with Dr. Dominique Lessard (formerly of Berger Lab, currently Science Communication Director of KIF1A.ORG) to create this family-friendly resource to help you understand the basic science behind KIF1A. In this 12-minute video, we’ll explore:

  • What is KIF1A and how does it function?
  • What is a KIF protein?
  • How does KIF1A function in our bodies?
  • How could mutations in the KIF1A gene influence KIF1A function?

We thank Dr. Dominique Lessard and Berger Lab at University of Vermont for advancing KIF1A research and engaging families in scientific discovery.

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