What Is KAND Text on Red Background

If your family has received a diagnosis of KIF1A Associated Neurological Disorder (KAND), you’ve probably never heard of it before. That’s okay. Your doctors probably haven’t either! But the KIF1A.ORG community is here to help.

This 4-minute “What Is KAND” video helps families learn about KAND in plain language. You’ll learn:

  • Scientific terms (such as genes, protein, kinesin and mutation) that will help you understand KAND
  • What causes KAND
  • How KAND is diagnosed
  • The symptoms of KAND

Thank you to KIF1A.ORG volunteer Grace Endy for creating this incredibly helpful resource for the KIF1A community! You can also see our “What Is KIF1A” resource created by KIF1A.ORG’s Dr. Dominique Lessard for further learning.

Questions? Post in the comments, or email us at impact@kif1a.org.

To view the full transcript and learn tips for translating the video and text into your language, visit this page.

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