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An Update from Rikki’s Family

July 2021

Rikki is almost 9 years old now. She pushes forward everyday. She does not let her KIF1A stop her from participating in everyday obstacles. She has become a big sister as of June of 2020 and is a big help when it comes to taking care of her sibling. Rikki loves playing at the park, drawing, swimming, being a big sister, and is looking to start acting in plays.

This kid never has let KIF1A stop her from trying new things be it gymnastics or rock climbing on playground equipment. She continues to strive forward everyday. With the uncertainty of where this could take care her, the best thing for her is to keep her active. So far it’s helped, and we have been very lucky.

Rikki’s current future goals:
Work in fashion
Cut Hair

An Update from Rikki’s Mom

April 2020

Rikki is now 7 years old! She is our family fashionista! She loves fashion, dressing up, traveling, singing, and adventure! She has a great imagination and is the most caring and giving friend. She loves school, especially recess with her friends!

A Note From Rikki’s Family

Rikki is 4 years old. We have had the diagnosis for about a year now. She loves superheroes, princesses (especially Belle!), Yanni music, and swimming! She is very brave (she falls a lot, but always gets back up and tries again). She is full of life and doesn’t let her disability stop her from having a great time in whatever she does!

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