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Community Highlights

Learning about KIF1A at Stanford University

Dr. Rebecca Shi is an instructor at Stanford University who has created a novel KAND-focused undergraduate genetics techniques lab course. How cool!

Dr. Shi and KIF1A.ORG Chief Science Officer Dr. Lessard have been working together to design the course using worm models with KIF1A mutations and, importantly, will be introducing patient perspectives and stories to the students on April 19, 2023. These future scientists are getting an early in-depth exposure to KIF1A variants and how they contribute to KAND.

This is just one part of how our science team is out in the world partnering with other scientists and researchers to further our mission and advocating for our warriors. Way to go Science Team! Thank You!

Research Highlights


Every week, we see advancements in KIF1A research and therapeutic development for rare and neurodegenerative disorders, and we want you to stay informed. If you’ve been behind on our weekly #ScienceSaturday, it’s a good time to catch up. What topics are you interested in learning more about? Sending us an email at impact@kif1a.org to suggest articles or content!

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