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KIF1A.ORG Community,

We are excited to introduce you to Good Dogg Beverage, a new philanthropic company that makes premium hard seltzer to support causes they care about, like KIF1A.ORG. As a purpose-driven company, Good Dogg Beverage is a rare hard seltzer maker that stands out from the rest. Their goal is to make a positive impact on communities like ours, and make good seltzer along the way!

Check out Good Dogg Beverage’s story on their website (21 and older, please!), and you’ll meet Teddy—the good dog(g) who inspired it all. We are grateful that Good Dogg Beverage got inspired by our KIF1A superheroes (and some of their loyal sidekicks) too! Here’s what Andrew Parry, Director of Marketing and Communications at Good Dogg Beverage has to say about working with KIF1A.ORG:

“I am thrilled to have the opportunity to establish an ongoing relationship with the KIF1A.ORG community. After having the pleasure of getting to know both Founder Luke Rosen and President Kathryn Atchley, we felt the connection could be the start of something amazing. We see the relentless nature to which this community moves to find therapies and raise awareness for these superheroes (and their sidekicks). We at Good Dogg Beverage aim to be a philanthropic company from day one, and we consider it an honor to join your community to further the mission of KIF1A.ORG!”

To “Leverage the Beverage™” a portion of profits from every can of Good Dogg Hard Seltzer purchased will be donated to KIF1A.ORG. We’re looking forward to seeing this business with a purpose grow, so stay tuned for updates as they aim for launch this summer! Check out their website, and find Good Dogg Beverage on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

KIF1A Superhero Rylan and his loyal sidekick Chewbacca, aka “Chewy”

Kathryn Atchley
President, KIF1A.ORG

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