We are proud to announce that KIF1A.ORG just concluded our first KAND Family & Scientific Engagement Conference at Columbia University Medical Center. Since 2017, our community has made great progress, and experienced incredible heartache. The search for a brighter future is why we are #relentless in our mission to urgently find treatment for our children and loved ones with KIF1A Associated Neurological Disorder.

In 2017, we embarked on a campaign called #WeNeedAMouse. Because of our #relentless community of passionate KIF1A families, and generous support from the science-driven superhero researchers at The Jackson Laboratory, today we have a mouse. Because each of YOU turned passion into action, researchers have a critical tool, vital in our quest to discover treatment: a mouse model. 

Our community of superhero families and supporters grows stronger every single day. Now it’s time to take this to the next level, and in true KIF1A.ORG fashion, we’re rolling up our sleeves and asking for your help. 

The Ask: KIF1A.ORG thrives in large part because of our leadership; because of our fearless President (you all know who she is). A leader with the knowledge and an unwavering commitment to propel our organization to the next level as we inch closer to accomplishing our mission. For these reasons, we are officially launching the #WeNeedAKat fundraising campaign. Any funds donated to this campaign will be restricted to the operations of the Organization. This is the next step in our journey toward treatment. A full-time, 100% KAND committed President will capitalize on every single opportunity that is available to our community.  

Over the past two years, Kathryn “Kat” Atchley, has served as our #relentless President. Not only is Kat a working mom to KIF1A superhero Parker, she currently volunteers her time and expertise to serve as the President of KIF1A.ORG. As our organization and community mature, we must position ourselves to have a fully committed individual to manage resources and strategically drive progress toward treatment. It’s clear, especially after the success of the 2019 KAND Family & Scientific Engagement Conference, there is one person for the job: Kat Atchley.

Over the weekend, we received a donation of $10,000 to jump-start the #WeNeedAKat campaign. This gift of $10,000 is incredibly generous, and serves as a catalyst to additional giving. The donor wishes to remain anonymous and we are forever grateful for their love and kindness — and for their challenge. That’s right, this donor has thrown the gauntlet and challenged our community to step up and mobilize today.

Please understand the importance of this urgent call to action: a full-time, committed position in our organization will facilitate further funding and guarantee rapid progress. A full-time President working to drive KIF1A.ORG operations will accelerate our mission and unite our community. This is the next step. Join us, and help us get to work by making a donation today. With your support, KIF1A.ORG and our entire community will accomplish great things with a full-time, uninterrupted President at the helm. Every KIF1A family agrees that #WeNeedAKat. 


Luke, Shannon and John of the KIF1A.ORG Leadership Team


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