KIF1A.ORG Community,

We are thrilled to introduce you to two new staff members: Charlotte Klinepeter, Administrative Manager, and Aileen Lam, Science Communication Associate! Charlotte and Aileen bring valuable strengths and experiences to the organization and expand our capacity to accelerate our mission.

Charlotte has 10 years of non-profit and public sector experience and is mom to KIF1A superhero Anderson. Responsibilities in her previous roles include grant writing, program management, in-person and virtual event planning and other administrative duties. As Administrative Manager, Charlotte will report to the President of KIF1A.ORG to assist in day-to-day operations, ranging from fundraising and development to marketing and communications. Charlotte’s well-rounded professional experience will serve KIF1A.ORG well in this new role that supports virtually all aspects of the organization. She starts her work with KIF1A.ORG on November 16, 2020.

Aileen is a University of California, Davis graduate and most recently worked in the McKenney Lab as a Junior Specialist studying how KIF1A mutations affect motor protein transport and microtubule dynamics in the cytoskeleton. In addition to her research experience, Aileen has clinical, teaching and volunteer experiences that give her the unique skill set we’re looking for in a Science Communication Associate. Aileen will report to KIF1A.ORG’s Chief Science Officer to support our scientific operations, including communications, administration, project management and scientific investigation. Aileen’s first day with KIF1A.ORG was November 9, 2020.

These new part-time positions were made possible by funding from the CZI Rare As One grant, which was awarded to KIF1A.ORG earlier in the year. We received applications from a number of talented candidates with valuable and diverse strengths, and we thank them for their passion for advancing our mission.

Our community has made remarkable progress in 2020. With Charlotte and Aileen on the team, we’re heading into 2021 with the boosted capacity we need to build on this momentum and realize our mission of bringing treatment to this generation of people affected by KAND.   


Kathryn Atchley
President, KIF1A.ORG


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