Emi Wilkerson
March 13, 2021
July 22, 2022

From Emi’s family:

I finally had my curly-haired baby. She had a perfect spiral curl on her right side at the nape of her neck just like Mommy. Emiliana James, aka “Emi,” was a bright shining light in our lives. Despite her not being able to see, she had so much life in those angel eyes. They would light up as she listened to her siblings’ and my voices. Her face had an expression of awe when we played music for her. And she loved to dance with Mommy. She would smile so big. When we talked to her or gave her kisses, she would open her mouth wide and give the sweetest little open mouth smile. It was absolutely precious. 

Emi came and went. Sixteen months were much too brief and yet, long enough to inspire many changes within myself. In a sense, she saved me. Emi taught me to love on a level I didn’t think possible. She encouraged me to begin a self-healing journey. I was a very broken human being before she came along. I have a heaviness that will never completely lift and yet, I am at peace for the first time in my life. I am very grateful for that sweet little girl. She saved me. 

Emi inspired us to write a children’s book series. Froggles is a special monster, the “cutest little monster that you ever did see.” Froggles is sad because he is picked on by the other monsters. He meets a little girl named Emi along the way who helps him find happiness. Froggles symbolizes both special needs and my own “inner monster,” if you will. Emi helps him just like she helped me. 

I created a brand during Emi’s life to help myself and the kiddos get through. We are going to turn that brand, A Million Dreams for Emi, into a fund where we donate money from each book sold. The money raised will go toward helping dreams come true for sick kiddos. I truly believe the best way to heal is to use it for good, no matter how tragic the circumstances. Emi Baby will live on through our books and through creating memories for other children. That makes my heart smile big.

Emi visits me, through the coolest rainbows, rainbows that come on days with no rainy weather, never a rain cloud in sight. It’s the most amazing thing. I feel her in nature. I feel her all around me. On my better days, she’s cheering me on. On my more difficult days, she’s behind me, pushing me through. I miss her and it hurts. It’s this gnawing ache that just hurts so deeply. When I think of her and that wave of grief washes over me, I try and focus on how grateful I am to have had her and how thankful I am for the changes she encouraged in my life. My sweet little doodle bug. My little Saving Grace. – Michelle, Emi’s mom