Hometown: Negaunee, MI

Age: 20 Months

All-Star Wrestler

Total ​Superhero

 This week's KIF1A superhero is Sadie!

Superhero of the Week

A note from Sadie's family

Sadie is a busy 20 month old toddler, despite being cortically blind and having low muscle tone  (hypotonia). Her therapists describe Sadie as the most determined baby they have ever seen. She was diagnosed just last month with KIF1A.  

Sadie's recent accomplishments include pulling up to stand and drinking from a cup!  She is very motivated by food. Some of her favorite things to eat are berries, peanut butter, and chocolate milk. 

Sadie is a champion wrestler in the 25lb weight class and her best friend is her furry brother, Leo (a golden retriever). Leo frequently pins Sadie while training between matches with Dad.

She loves music and her Fisher Price piano; when she wears her sunglasses her nickname is Sadie Wonder. 
Sadie loves vigorous play, aggressive swinging, being upside-down, tickling, and eating raspberries!​​

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