This week's KIF1A superhero is Kathryn!

Superhero of the Week

Kathryn Atchley

Kathryn Atchley is President of KIF1A.ORG and mother to the amazing Parker. Kat works tirelessly to shout from the KIF1A mountaintop and create open lines of communication within the rare disease community.

KIF1A.ORG's awesome community initiatives like #WednesdayWisdom and our incredible newsletter, KAPOW: A KIF1A Update, happen with our fearless leader, Kat at the helm. 

Kat impacts the lives of so many, and shares valuable insights on her blog, Adventures of Parker. This superhero helps drive science, builds community, and encourages collaboration. Like all of our KIF1A family members, she is a true superhero, advocating for our remarkable children, siblings and loved ones affected by KIF1A Associated Neurological Disorder. 

Kathryn Atchley, President, KIF1A.ORG​