This week's KIF1A Superhero is Eleonora!

​Superhero of the Week​

Eleonora Aldin 

Age: 22 months

Malmo, Sweden

​Courageous Superhero, protecting all with her powerful smile.

Every week a family member tells a story and shares a picture. 

A note from Eleonora's family

Eleonora ... our brave superhero!

Despite problems with epileptic seizures around the clock and difficulty breathing, she never gives up. Eleonora has not reached any milestones and is blind or has very limited vision, but she is more than satisfied with her ever-present love and serenity - we know because of her small click sounds and a special, superhero, low-key baby chat. Eleonora only shows her beautiful smile when she has seizures, as if she wants to calm her surroundings. She smiles to help us all whenever we witness something scary - this is her superpower: our little girl is so brave and tells us she loves us every single day. We love our courageous daughter with every ounce of our being, and she knows it.