Hometown: Bendigo Victoria Australia

Age: 6 years 

Hometown hero with super strength

Every week a family member tells a story and shares a picture. 

From Raine, Edward's maternal Nanna

Edward is the only known KIF1A patient in Australia.

He has eyes the Colour of the bluest sky, the happiest laugh and can wipe away anybody's tears with his wacky sense of humour. He is very strong in his upper body but unfortunately he has been unable to walk.

Edward loves everyone and pops in on his Facebook page
Edward's Journey often to read comments and look at photos.

Edward attends Marist College and Special School as a dual enrolled student in Foundation Class.

Our family lives in an inland City of Bendigo in Country Victoria, which became famous for gold in the mid 1800's. He loves getting out about talking to people in his hometown.

Superhero of the Week

 This week's KIF1A superhero is Edward!