This week's KIF1A Superhero is Breck!

Every week a family member tells a story and shares a picture. 

A note from Breck's family

​Breck is a happy nine year old. He loves to play with his trains, watch Paw Patrol, play with the dogs and open/close our garage door when we let him. We always tell him he's going to install garage doors when he is older because he loves them. He even watches video after video on Youtube on how to install them. 

Breck works hard at attaining his goals. He started therapy at 6 months of age and has never stopped. He does OT, PT, Speech, Social Group and many hours of ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis). He always makes slow, steady progress. He has been diagnosed with Autism, ADHD and Kif1a. 

The unknown future is always a worry. We do work hard on focusing on the now and celebrating all milestones with great enthusiasm. 

​Superhero of the Week​


Age: 9 

Billings, Montana

​Hard working Superhero

Always opening doors