Superhero of the Week

 This week's KIF1A superhero is Brayden!

From Carrie, Brayden's Mom

Brayden has never met a stranger and is loved by everyone. His great sense of humor, baby blue eyes and his contagious smile always melt your heart. Brayden is a typical 8 year old boy. He loves his younger brother and his family, he is obsessed with the weather, loves cars and trucks, WWE wrestling, Peppa Pig and Paw Patrol, shooting basketball, playing on his iPad, putting puzzles together, swimming and being outdoors. He struggles with his school work, but has made great strides over the last year. He continues with PT/OT and speech therapy in and out of school, has overcome some of his fears, his social skills have improved and he works very hard at all he does.
Brayden was diagnosed with ADHD at 4 ½ years old, with Autism in October 2016, at age 6 1/2 and we found out in July 2017 that he has a single gene mutation, KIF1A gene disorder. I worry constantly about his inability to perform tasks of typical children his age. One day, things will fall into place for Brayden. His future is bright and following many trials and errors, years of various therapies, he will become whatever he wants to in life; not what I want him to be. Until then, we will continue to celebrate the small steps and milestones. At the end of the day, he goes to bed with a smile and that’s a sense of accomplishment for me. 

Since B's diagnosis of KIF1A, I've met some amazing families fighting similar battles. I will continue to raise awareness and organize fundraisers to help aide in the research process. I pray that one day Brayden's journey will inspire others and ultimately find a cure for this genetic disorder. 
After all, this boy is our Superhero!

Joseph "Brayden" Chittum
8 years old
Buena Vista, Virginia

Superhero Adventurer  

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