Every week a family member tells a story and shares a picture. 

Superhero of the Week

 This week's KIF1A superhero is Braeden!

From Nicole, Braeden's Mommy

If there was a new superhero to fight along side Iron man, Captain America and Spiderman, it would be "Buggy".

Our angel in heaven, Braeden is working extremely hard looking out for each and every KIF1A kid and family. It's a huge job but Buggy can do it!

Braeden loved to cuddle, snuggle, and do sight therapy on his IPad. Even though he couldn't talk or see, Braeden had his own way of communicating.  He showed "angry arms" when he was mad and would stick out his tongue when he was happy. Braeden was able to attend "Sight School", visit family, go on a small vacation, and was loved by all the doctors and nurses who knew him. Braeden is always looking to help his mommy and daddy. He is even helping to assist in the adoption of his future brother or sister!


Braeden aka "Buggy"

Hometown: Mayfield, Ohio

Superhero and super-parents filled with strength and generosity, supported by all, loved by all.