When a Superhero Falls

By Ricardinho Qvistlund, Eleonora’s father
Originally published April 11, 2019
(Translated from Swedish)

At this night two months ago, you started your way towards the end, the acute condition was too tough for your body and the doctor declared that nothing more was to be done.

Mom & Dad took the hardest decision you can take, we decided you’d get to go to sleep. For fifteen hours we were close to you – we gave you lots of love & proximity, we gave you what you most of all liked.

The hours became painful and at the same time valuable – we saw your little body fight and we didn’t want to see you suffer but also didn’t want you to let go. Every second with you was a gift.

In the end, you took your last breath and your strong heart stopped beating, there and then we went forever broken inside.

You live forever in our inner but we wish you to stay longer with us, life will never be the same without you.

We have lost our child, our princess. The Universe has become a beautiful soul and a superhero poorer.

We love you, the world loves you Eleonora – now and forever!

The loss is indescribable.

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