Become a Carousel Rider!

Sometimes the most important donation is a social media share. Raising awareness drives science. We are making it easy for you to become a KIF1A leader! If you become a Carousel Rider, we will create a page for you that you can customize with your own message about why KIF1A is important to you. Share your page with your friends and family to help us achieve our goal by supporting urgent KIF1A research.

Want to jump on the carousel and help KIF1A? You will become a central part of our team, and we make it as easy as a share.

No need to donate, because you will be a driving force of awareness! We'll create a page for you, and you spread the word by adding your own message and sharing across social media. We'll customize a page for you and you represent! Your name goes on our website as a KIF1A Champion! Who's game to Join The Team? Here's how: 

1) Click the
Join Team button to create your own carousel page for! 

2) As a Carousel Rider, you set your own fundraising goal. 

3) Either create a personal page yourself or email and we'll design it for you. 

4) Invite your friends and family to share your page and raise awareness for your fundraising campaign. aims to recruit at least 50 fundraisers who pledge to raise $500 each to help us reach our goal of $25,000!

Make a difference today by joining us on The Carousel of Possible Dreams!