This week's KIF1A superhero is Parker!

Every week a family member tells a story and shares a picture. 

A note from Parker's family

Parker is a natural entertainer with an amazing sense of humor and a bright, contagious smile. He doesn’t let KIF1A hold him back. While he can’t walk on his own, he zips around in his walker like it's a Ferrari , even climbing up and down steep hills at the park (with mom or dad’s help). 

He is extremely observant and likes to figure out how things work. Parker is a fan of school buses, dump trucks, books, puzzles, Elmo and balloons. He’s also obsessed with ceiling fans and could spend hours at Lowe’s.

Parker has been making great strides in his speech over the last few months. His latest favorite phrase is “sit down mommy” when he wants to work on a puzzle or read a book with mom.

Parker’s family is so thankful for the love and support coming in for all of his KIF1A brothers and sisters.


Hometown: Springfield, MO

Age: 3.5 

Professional Comedian

Total ​Superhero​​


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